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Copyright Policy

Policy Relating to Copyright Infringement

Copyright is regarded as a legal instrument to protect authors’ rights in literary and artistic works. Rights to use works and other copyrights can be sold at a high price. But this also means any illegal use can result in hefty costs for the illegal user.

Nowadays, Copyright can easily be infringed on the Internet, for example on websites, online shops, or social media. A typical online copyright infringement is the illegal use of images. This consequently causes damage to the author. The author can then claim the damage afterward. These cases often concern copyright infringements of photographers or image designers.

At the Shopprideearth, we always check the rights of use before using the works of third parties (others who are not contractual partners) to prevent copyright infringements.

- Free images: use images and photos only if explicit reference is made to free commercial use.

- Despite free commercial use, we often give credit to the author; include the name of the photographer or designer under the image so that it is clear to everyone who created this work.

- Save the link or take a screenshot of the site, where the free commercial use of the image is granted.

- Buy images if no free commercial use is offered (e.g. Adobe Stock) and keep the invoice as proof.

Sometimes, we use photos from others on the Internet without us even knowing copyright infringement. In case, we will remove all products related to the photos and pay a retrospective fee to the author and give credit for the work.

Copyrights are among every author’s most valuable assets. Therefore, we do everything we can to avoid copyright infringement and protect the works and the rights of their authors.